My deepest wish is to let people experience that true and unconditional love is not a fairytale. How? By creating it for myself en show the world that it is possible. I do this by working on myself and thus expanding my own consciousness. By being gentle and being able to say 'yes' or 'no' with love. By being grateful for who I am, to be happy for what I contribute on this earth and to live in love.

Method: The session that I give comes straight from the heart and is sincere and pure. I connect with you as you are. I work with different techniques, but it always starts with an energetic body treatment and ends with a conversation. Your experiences are discussed, as are my observations.

Extra's: I love many things in life like psychotherapy, yoga, to walk, life itself, meditation and the esoteric teachings. I love to share wisdom. Health is very important to me, it is by being healthy that you can enjoy more things in life. That's why I've started to give therapy in a holistic way.

So, this is it in a nutshell. If you like to learn more about the therapy or make an appointment, than you can use the contact form or send me a message.